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Current Projects

OCDC partners with serveral community organizations to provide a complete weekly program consisting of social skill development, cultural enhancement nutrition, education, recreational activities, computer training, mentoring and turtoring for young children 5-15 years of age. The goal is to compliment the efforts of parents, schools, and other major positive infuences in the lives of participants.


To function as a multi-service center hosting a variety of programs and services that will be of value and benefit to the Oakmont, Oakwood, and Rosemont communities specifically, and citizens throughout the City of Norfolk, Virginia.


Function in the community as an institution that provides support services and programs to create opportunities that will assist residents in achieving a state of self empowerment.

Foster and enhance the educational, social, economic, and political well being of the community through education, vocational training, small business development, housing, neighborhood improvement, and economic development programs.


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