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Virginia State Notary Services

I am authorized by the State of Virginia to – 


Take acknowledgments -  Any oath or affidavit required by law, which is not of such nature that it must be made in court


Administering / Certifying affidavits or depositions - to admit, affirm, declare, testify, avow, confess, or own as genuine.


Certifying “true copies” of documents - (excluding documents in governmental custody, e.g., birth certificates, death certificates, etc.)


Verification of fact - The Commonwealth of Virginia is the first state in the country to authorize the verification of fact as a notarial power. "Verification of fact" means a notarial act in which a notary reviews public or vital records to (i) ascertain or confirm facts regarding a person's identity, identifying attributes, or authorization to access a building, database, document, network, or physical site or (ii) validate an identity credential on which satisfactory evidence of identity may be based.

Virginia notaries have limited powers in performing notarial acts outside the Commonwealth of Virginia. Documents notarized by a Virginia notary who is traveling outside of the Commonwealth by Virginia no longer need to be for the narrow purpose of being recorded or filed in Virginia. A traditional notary public may perform any notarial act outside the
Commonwealth for any writing intended to be used in the Commonwealth of Virginia or by the United States government.

M o b i l e  N o t a r y 

 Background Verified / Certified Signing Agent.

-- In the heart of Virginia, where history whispers through rolling hills and bustling cityscapes, my days are tapestries woven with diverse threads. In bustling city courthouses, in tranquil business offices, at suburban kitchen tables, or secluded farmsteads, I help people. I witness tender moments like aging parents signing over power of attorney for their child. In sterile medical wards, I lean close to frail hands, ensuring their final wishes are etched in permanence. I have seen the nervous smile of a teenager signing their first apartment lease, and the unspoken gratitude of a couple adopting a child. Each document I touch hums with the energy of lives intertwining, contracts forged, and futures secured.

--The Guardian of Authenticity – A Notary Public. My pen wields the power to verify, witness, affirm and safeguard. I am not just an official, but a storyteller, a keeper of secrets, a bridge between intentions and outcomes Yes, being a Virginia notary is more than just formalities and legalese. In the grand scheme of things, my role may seem humble. But within the intricate dance of human affairs, I play a vital part. I am the witness to life's milestones, the silent guardian of promises, the weaver of threads that bind individuals, families, and communities. My stamp is not just an inked mark; it's a testament to the truth, a guarantee of integrity, a whisper of confidence in the written word.

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