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Technology  Services


Outsourcing is ideal on a number of levels and can be used as a means to increase your business’ market share by taking on new clients, increase profitability by reducing costs and having a global pool of highly skilled freelancers at your disposal twenty-four hours a day.

1. Increase Productivity
By outsourcing your Technology Administration, you can take on more work from a wider variety of clients. You no longer are limited by your own or your in-house technological skills. Through outsourcing, you can utilize Creative Techniques' to help you meet the needs of your clients without having to do the work yourself.

2. Increase Business
Outsourcing allows you to take on business that you may have not initially offered due to lack of an in-house skill-set in a particular area.

3. Build a Bigger Team
When you outsource your technology, you can always take on more team members as your business needs dictate. Outsourcing allows you to easily “staff” your team according to your business needs and not your technology needs.

4. Meet Business Deadlines
Outsourcing allows your company to meet client deadlines more effectively and efficiently.

5. Reduce Costs
Creative Techniques provides the services of web designers, programmers, article writers, data entry workers at a low cost to you. Reduced costs mean increased profits for your business.

Technology Consultant 

Office Outsourcing

On-Call Computer Repair


We provide high quality, reliable, affordable technology support with technicians for residential clients as well. Creative Techniques is a one call solution for all your technology needs.


Use our Technology Service Request Center.

    $32 per Month

Membership benefits include
Unlimited Technical Support
Monthly preventative maintenance check-ups

Flat Rate $150

Complete Tune Up includes



Virus protection

Startup optimization


Physical / Data / Residential





Consultation / Assessment


Diagnose / Repair


$75per hour

4 Hour Time Block
Use in a single visit or multiple visits

Expires after 1 year

Creative Techniques, LLC,​
Jan Harris is Owner and General Manager of Creative Techniques, LLC. He has grown the company to be a competitive player providing technology services and training. Jan utilized his leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills to assemble a team with background credentials that include degrees and certifications in Management, Education Business, Information Technology, Computer Network Systems, Computer Information Systems, Information Systems Security, and Graphic Design.

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